About us

JoWin is an innovative trading company importing nonfood products in a range of different categories from China. Our customers are primarily large European retailers. We focus on always having the right products at the right time and we follow market developments closely. JoWin develop inspiring and exciting products and ranges, based on our own ideas and also closely following our customer’s briefs. JoWin have their own packaging and product designers. This is included in our service. 

JoWin was established in 2006 and has offices in Denmark and Hangzhou, China.

The company’s primary mission is to provide the best products for the price without compromising on quality or product safety. We aim to give the consumers value for money with the reassurance the product is safe and produced under good working conditions.

The company is a longstanding member of the worldwide amfori BSCI cooperation (Business Social Compliance Initiative). amfori BSCI is an organization that among other things ensures that the working and environmental conditions at manufacturers around the world are observed, including working hours, wages and checks that there is no child labour or forced labour in the factories.

The company’s knowledge and experience in trading with China is extensive. The company owners have been working with Chinese factories for over 20 years. Our employees in Hangzhou perform shipment and quality checks from producers before the goods are shipped. We ensure that the goods are shipped on time and the quality is as agreed. JoWin employees in Denmark ensure that the products comply with applicable EU laws and regulations within the different product areas.